Lease Solutions give workshops ‘peace of mind’

Leasing gives workshops access to the latest equipment and technology, improving efficiency without the high capital cost.

Lease Solutions (NZ) Ltd is a New Zealand family–owned-and-operated business that started leasing equipment in 2001, so this year marks 20 years’ in the business.

Lease Solutions owner John Jenkins says the company will consider leasing almost anything that a workshop needs or wants. “We specialise in mainly automotive equipment and have out on lease everything from hoists, tyre changers, wheel balancers, alignment machines, column lifts for trucks, commercial mobile truck tyre changers and balancers, hot water washers, compressors, brake machines, air con and ATF exchangers. We even have a couple of forklifts in the inventory. We work on the motto of ‘you need it, we lease it’.”

John, who is also a major shareholder with Todd Jenkins in Century Equipment Distributors, also buys equipment from other suppliers or importers. He understands leasing is about servicing the customer’s needs and wants.

John started leasing equipment as he saw it as another way of putting equipment into the market while minimising the risk to the end user. It gave customers an opportunity to try new things without a big capital outlay. “When you lease equipment the customer should be getting a return on it from day one,” he says. “We have helped many customers establish new opportunities, and grow their business at the same time.

“Our customer base is varied from one-man mobile operations right through to some of the biggest dealerships throughout New Zealand. Everyone has various reasons for wanting to lease equipment instead of purchasing it,” John says.

“For some it means they know the exact costs on each vehicle bay, month in and month out. It reduces variables, lumpy cash flow, and reduces the risk of surprises — maybe the need to replace old gear suddenly — which makes budgeting easier.

“We have other customers leasing equipment because it starts paying for itself from day one with no capital outlay or financing required.”

He also says some customers lease equipment to avoid dropping a lot of money on some gear before knowing returns, minimising the risk of trying something new. Some also choose to lease because of the tax benefits of leasing equipment. It also makes the path to upgrading equipment much easier, without worrying about residual values on out-of-date equipment.

John says leasing is “pretty simple”. The standard contract is 36 months at one set monthly fee. The lease company pays all maintenance and certification costs. After that, the customer can extend month by month, or return the goods, or upgrade into newer equipment. Shorter term leases are available but at different prices.

For more information, email [email protected] or call John on 021 614 421.

Why Lease?

Leasing equipment is a cost-effective way to ensure your workshop has the right equipment to get the job done. Cash-flow is one of the most important things for a business to manage, and with the high investment cost of capital equipment, leasing provides a flexible alternative to purchase or finance. With one monthly cost that is treated as a tax-deductible expense there are a range of benefits worth looking at.

No hidden or unexpected costs

All lease contracts include the delivery, installation, yearly servicing / certification and maintenance.

NZ wide

We work with suppliers and service agents across the country. No matter where you are, Lease Solutions can offer tailored packages.

We work with you

Over 20 years specialising solely in automotive equipment lease we know the market better than anyone else. We aren’t trying to sell you a product, we work with you to find the right package.

Any make, any model

As above, we aren’t tied to any one supplier. This puts us in a unique position which allows us to use our decades of experience with all brands to recommend options we know are up to the job.

Stay ahead of the game

With technology moving fast equipment can become obsolete in a short time. With a lease machine it’s easy to upgrade to the latest version after the initial contract without investing thousands more.

No 2nd hand hassles

Old equipment becomes expensive to look after and unexpected down-time costs money. Don’t get stuck with 2nd hand equipment that lets you down or is hard to sell.

To know more about how leasing might work for your business, get in contact with John or Todd from Lease Solutions

Lease vs Finance

While leasing and financing sound similar there are some important differences. What we offer is a fully maintained lease, not a lease to own (this is often just another form of finance).


Both lease and financing will normally be a monthly payment. Lease costs are generally lower as you won’t own an asset at the end of the term. (But also remove the hassles that may come with this) Both options can be tailored to terms from 12 – 60 months.

Additional costs

Financing will typically use the equipment being purchased as security. Some providers won’t lend more than this amount for the additional costs like installation and delivery. With lease this is all included in the monthly payment amount.

Tax benefits

Lease payments are 100% tax deductible as an expense, on finance payments only the interest is tax deductible.

One less thing to worry about

Installation, servicing, delivery and yearly servicing / certification are all included. Nationwide. We take care of it all. Equipment kept in top condition so there is no unexpected expenses.

Solutions tailored to you

Would a finance company work with you to find the right tyre changer for your workshop? Probably not. Know the exact make and model you want? Perfect, that is what we’ll lease you. But if you are unsure, we are happy to run through options and source for the best option specific to your business.

What happens at the end of the term?

After the initial term the contract rolls over monthly, so you aren’t locked in. You are free to upgrade, replace or keep leasing at a lowered cost.